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We were pleased to be able to welcome our children back in September 2020 after the lockdown in March. However, since returning some children and even whole classes have been affected by the temporary closing of class bubbles or children and families having to isolate. The staff have been working to support children who are having to work from home together with parents who are supporting their children’s learning. We have a plan in place for remote learning so that all our children are able to continue with their education during the potential negative impact from any isolation period children experience. This also meets the expectations set out in the DfE guidance for ‘Remote Education Support’.

We understand that not all children have access to a suitable device to enable them to access their lessons remotely, this may also be due to internet access. We will facilitate children’s learning where possible and we can provide paper packs of learning. Please let us know if you experience any difficulty accessing or supporting your child’s learning in the event that this is done from home.

We have some websites, resources and programs that are available. Children have been provided with training and the log in details to access the programs we have available.

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