We believe that Reading is key to learning and it is taught in a variety of ways. Knowing how to read (phonics) is the first tool children are shown, which allows them to make sense of the written word.

We follow the Read Write Inc. programme of phonics, where children are grouped according to their ability; this maximises progress and allows the children to get a grasp of phonics quicker. During these sessions, there is a special ‘three reads’ approach which ensures every child gains accuracy, fluency and a good understanding of the text. Children who are on the Read Write Inc reading programme will bring home the book matched to their phonics level.

In addition to this, guided reading is taught where the children work in groups to read a text which is matched to their reading ability under the guidance of a teacher. This is to help them gain a deeper understanding of what they are reading and develop a range of reading strategies. We use Bug Club guided reading scheme.

We work with the children each week to teach them the skills they need to answer questions about the books they have been reading. During these comprehension sessions, we look at inference (taking information directly from the text), vocabulary used and children’s ability to form opinions and impressions about what they are reading.

Children will be bringing home a variety of books. They will have a reading book which is carefully matched to their reading ability and initially will be phonically decodable. This is done to ensure that whilst your child is learning to read they are able to access the text.

Junior Librarian is the computer based system which allows the children to read books online. Providing they have access to a computer at home they will be able to choose form over 1,500 books.