School Events

Welcome to our school events page, here you can find out what exciting activities we have been up to at school.

St Stephens VS Parkfield

On Tuesday 13 Novemvber we played a Netball match against St Stephens. Miss Tandy was sorting out the positions for the players ( Mia , Sienna , Zain , Rozmin , Izabel , Luka , Prachi ).

The game began. St Stephens started with the ball and threw the ball to their team. Suddenly Sienna jumped up to the ball and caught it but our opponents won it back and scored. We then started in the center. We were passing and passing but St Stephens snatched the ball and scored. Their center started off an amazing pass. Then they scored.

Then we had the chance to score but we missed . In the end the score was 11-0 to St Stephens. Everyone played amazingly and we did very well for our first competitive netball game.