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School Uniform

At Parkfield Primary School, the Governors and staff believe that school uniform is important. It gives children a feeling of belonging, pride in their appearance and avoids the problem of children wearing unsuitable clothes to school.


Our School Uniform is as follows: (items marked in red are compulsory).


Our uniform can be purchased from San’s Kidzwear (stall 30-31, Bilston Market).

  • Red sweatshirt, or cardigan with school logo

  • Red book bag with logo provided free of charge for Reception children

  • White polo shirt preferably with school logo

  • Black or grey skirt or trousers (not available from school)

  • Dark, plain, flat, sensible shoes. No high heels.

  • Outdoor coat


P.E kit consisting of following items

  • Red PE hoodie with logo

  • White tee-shirt preferably with logo

  • Red shorts

  • Black jogging bottoms are also compulsory

  • Black pumps or trainers (not available from school)

Jewellery is not part of school uniform and should not be worn to school. It can be a safety hazard, especially at break times or during PE lessons. If children have pierced ears, then small studs should be worn, and not hoops or drop earrings. They must be removed for PE and swimming.


Each item of clothing should be clearly marked with the child’s name as we cannot be responsible for confusion over clothing if this is not the case.

Uniform Price List

All our School Uniform can be purchased from ‘San’s Kidzwear’ (Stall 30-31) in Bilston Indoor Market.


Your child must wear the items marked in red as a compulsory item.


Other items may be purchased without a logo but must be worn as part of our school uniform.


Red Sweatshirts with logo

From age 3 – age 8 = £9.99

From age 9 – 12 = £10.99

Age 13 up to adult sizes = £12.99

White polo shirts with logo
From age 3 to age 13 = £6.99
Small adult sizes = 7.99

Red shorts
From age 3 to age 12 = £3.99
Age 13 and adult sizes = £4.99

Plain Black jogging bottoms
From age 3 – age 12 = £6.75
Age 13 and adult sizes = £7.99

Red cardigans with logo

From age 3 – age 8 = £10.99

From age 9 – age 12 = £11.99

Age 13 and small adult size = £12.99

Medium adult size = £13.99

White P E t-shirt with logo
From age 3 to age 12 = £4.99
Age 13 and adult sizes = £5.99

Red Zipped Hoodie with logo
From age 3 to age 13 = £10.99
Adult sizes = £12.99

Red book bags with logo - free

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