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Our Curriculum

Our new School Values, Parkfield 6, will be at the core and integral to children and staff at our school. Children will be encouraged to develop their understanding and the importance of the values to enable them to be good citizens now and in the future.

U are A PART of Parkfield

Unique – Aspire – Persevere – Achieve – Respect – Together

Curriculum Rational

Our curriculum delivers a broad and balanced approach based on skills and knowledge, enabling children to make sustained progress and reach their full potential. Children are able to thrive in a safe and caring environment whilst developing their imagination and creativity.

Curriculum Intent

Our new Parkfield 6 is the Golden Thread that will run throughout our school and become embedded within our curriculum and ethos.


Our curriculum is predominately designed to be topic based to meet the diverse needs of our children to be the best that they can be. It offers a range of experiences and opportunities providing children knowledge beyond that of our school. The curriculum aims to capture and inspire imaginations to engage and develop children’s leaning enabling them to be innovative and expressive.


In order to successfully deliver a structured, rich curriculum with clear progression of skills, we follow the statutory requirements of the National Curriculum 2014 and draw from a varied selection of Teaching and Learning resources, offering different approaches in subjects to explore the topics taught.

Curriculum Implementation

At Parkfield we:

  • teach subjects using a wide range of stimulating resources;

  • we use a topic based approach where appropriate to provide valuable links between the subject areas;

  • take every opportunity to exploit cross-curricular links;

  • provide pupils with meaningful experiences to enable them to apply skills and knowledge;

  • facilitate opportunities for children to learn on a wide variety of ways.


Each class teacher is responsible for a subject area that is linked to their skill set to ensure their subject has a continuous cycle of improvement following a ‘monitor, plan, do, review’ approach.

Curriculum Impact

The use of ongoing assessment trackers and termly data analysis in each subject area enables teachers and leaders to identify pupils achieving well as well as those in need of additional support so that provision can be adapted proactively and swiftly.


The achievement of our pupils can be seen in a number of ways including:

  • pupils, parents, staff and stakeholders who are proud of their achievements;

  • the increasingly higher standards that pupils achieve academically;

  • pupils who are well-equipped, confident and ready to move onto their next phase of learning.

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