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Our School Values

Parkfield Primary School.png

Parkfield 6

Unique – individuals, celebrate differences, be yourself, independence, treated fairly, same rules for everyone, equal opportunities

Aspire – aim high, don’t limit yourself, work hard, open mindset, endeavour, awareness, passion, ambition, be your best at all times (behaviour), have dreams and goals

Persevere – Keep trying, don’t give up, collaboration, resilience, determination, positive attitude towards school and life

Achieve – reach potential, make progress, could include leadership, excellence, provide opportunities and chances to excel, be responsible

Respect – fair play, integrity and honesty, taking care of the environment and ourselves, pride in our school and appearance

Together - belonging, support each other, ownership for our school, community, belonging, friendship, part of the Parkfield family, participation, working together

U are A PART of Parkfield

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